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CURSOR is a Copenhagen-based collective bringing together people across fields with the aim to deepen our understanding of the digital world around us. CURSOR takes an intersectional feminist approach, with a skepticism towards systems of domination that disproportionately affect marginalized communities and individuals. We publish deep-dives, interviews, art-pieces, host events, and everything in between and beyond. Our emphasis lies on creating space for imaginative futures.

CURSOR is an informal group, and we welcome anyone interested in our approach to view themselves as part of the community. We primarily convene on our Discord channel, which can be joined here and outlines our principles. 

You are a part of CURSOR as soon as you feel like it. 

building your feminist tech utopia since 2022

Who runs CURSOR?


Events - mia@cursormag.net

Hi there! My name is Mia (she/her) and I’m in charge of our events and community building here at CURSOR.

I have a background in cultural sociology, feminist STS, and civic participation. In my work I challenge the structures of oppressions and bias in tech. I try to change the way tech is developed and am inspired by co-creation, speculative design, feminist design, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility.


Editorial - maya@cursormag.net

I’m Maya (they/them) and I’m in charge of all things writing and editorial at CURSOR.

I have a background in Gender & Sexuality Studies and Psychology—fittingly, I’m interested in things at the intersections of queer theory, STS, and psychoanalysis. A favorite CURSOR moment of mine was our Gender, Sex, and Technology Salon, where I got to moderate a conversation between four amazing panelists.


Digital - anna@cursormag.net

Hi! My name is Anna (she/her) and I am responsible for our place in cyberspace, including this very website.

I have a background in Digital Media and Sociology and am interested in almost anything to do with the internet, especially in relation to gender, activism, and online history. My favorite CURSOR project so far has been organising the Creative Coding Camp, and I love being able to bring people together in a creative and thoughtful environment. 


How can I join CURSOR?
You “join” by showing up to our events and/or being part of the CURSOR Discord community! 

We call out for volunteers at the start of a new theme, but also want to serve as a platform for members to host their own projects. If you want to make your own event or project under the CURSOR umbrella, email us at cursor@cursormag.net - for events in and around Copenhagen/Denmark, email mia@cursormag.net.  

Everyone is welcome to CURSOR - whether your background is in the arts, sciences, or anywhere inbetween.

What sort of volunteering can I do?
We frequently call out for one-time volunteers on our Discord and social media, but we’re always interested in hearing from people who are interested in editing and proofreading, social media and branding, or taking on an event series of your own. 

We prefer if you can commit to at least one season, so if you find a particular magazine theme inspiring, you are welcome to stay for just that duration.  

How did CURSOR start?
CURSOR started through a series of conversation on things Anna and Maya felt was missing when talking about technology and society. The goal was to have a community and forum for different ideas around technology and the future to exist. The idea went from an event series to a magazine, and is now CURSOR. We were shortly after joined by Mia who helped cement our place on cyberspace with Discord and all-around ramping up our event quality. 

We opened the digital doors on March 1st 2022.

Can you share more about your past projects and resources?
Check out our events page with an archive on past events, including resources where available! 
We also encourage you to use the Discord to share any cool projects or additions that should be on the page, always.

What if I (an organisation/group/company) want to collaborate with CURSOR?
If you like what we do or are interested in a current theme, we are available for a range of collaborations.

1. Magazine: The best way you can support us is by sponsoring the magazine and helping us pay for printing and potential contributor costs. We are also open to editorial collaborations and invite conversations about guest editing. Please direct your inquiries regarding the magazine to maya@cursormag.net.

2. Events: For any inquiries around event collaborations, whether it’s an event we are doing together or you want someone from CURSOR on your panel, email mia@cursormag.net. We are always open to speaking opportunities, but prioritise paid opportunities and opportunities that align with our values. 

3. Other projects: If you are looking for general collaborators, we would first and foremost direct you to our Discord - we are also happy to post opportunities on our social media, but prioritise opportunities that we think would serve the CURSOR community. Email cursor@cursormag.net and we’ll get back to you!