Submitting to CURSOR

CURSOR is a volunteer-driven magazine for those interested in technology, society, and the future. At this time, all submissions are unpaid.

We publish a magazine twice a month, with a new deadline usually around 2 months after we publish a magazine. Pitches outside our submission window might not get a response.

Every magazine has a theme, but we are open to your unique interpretation of the theme. Most importantly, all articles must strongly reflect our mission statement and the CURSOR ethos. 

All submissions are received via
For questions regarding submissions, email


Who makes the layout/frontpage?
We get different designers for each issue - keep an eye out for our call for volunteers or email if you are interested! Do contributors get a print issue?
Yes, all contributors get an issue! If you live outside Copenhagen we will ship this to you.Why are contributions unpaid?CURSOR currently only just about makes back the cost of printing, so we are not making (any) money to support contributions. 

If you are an organisation or company interested in sponsoring an issue, potentially including contributions, we would love to hear from you though!
What about more creative pieces?
If it is already completed art, please just send us over the piece - in some cases it would be nice to have a blurb with it too (especially for video and net art). for net art, please let us know about any technical requirements.
What if I due to xyz can't follow the guidelines?These are all guidelines that we are trying to make our small team run a bit smoother and so we have time to get back to everyone. most likely it is not a problem - for format and similar, simply let us know your concerns or questions and we will figure it out together.

Your Pitch

Please include the following information in your pitch.
Send your pitch to
Subject line: “pitch” + title (optional) + your name

1. Suggested title (optional)

2. A short blurb about your idea or piece (100-200 words)
Please indicate whether this is an idea, a draft, a finished piece, or something you want to rework. 
(Please attach if it's near-finished)

3. (Thoughts on) format - especially if you are considering a special format.

4. 1-2 writing samples if you're submitting for the first time (academic essays/creative writing welcome)

We welcome creative pieces - please indicate what the technical requirements are and whether you need assistance. See below for technical requirements!


For the commenting features, we ask you to work in google docs or microsoft word. Pages can also be used in special circumstances.

Please send all articles in single column, normal margins, 1.5 or double spaced.

End notes are allowed, but we prefer in-text link citations. Always include a citations list. 

Articles should not exceed 2500 words.

Creative (non-text) pieces: 
If there is non-written material, please include these seperately as a zip, wetransfer, or similar. (PNG, JPG, GIF, MP4, MOV, HTML files all welcome)

We publish websites, but usually as a link with a descriptive text to it. Alternatively, sites can be published by using an iFrame tag - we can help setting this up!

For any pieces involving JavaScript, you will have to host the site yourself (if you do not have a website, we recommend Glitch or Github) and we will embed using iFrame.


We will write back after the deadline has passed on whether we would like to continue with the piece. 

You will decide on a deadline for a first draft with the editor—please be realistic with your time!

The first and a second editor will send comments and feedback on the piece before the final version.

For special digital formats, we may ask for a blurb or other format to make it suitable for print.