We primarily focus on hosting events in Copenhagen, but have hosted events outside in London or online as well - learn more about hosting events with CURSOR here. If you would like to host a CURSOR event in Copenhagen or elsewhere, get in touch with mia@cursormag.net

We always strive to create interesting, inclusive, communal experiences that are open and free. 

We archive resource sites on notion so you can always (re)visit and learn. We hope to meet you soon <3

CURSOR05 Launch Party



Come celebrate the launch of CURSOR 05: Attention at Råhuset on Thursday 11 April. 

Join us for a drink, a dance, or just a flick through the newest issue - we’ve got a magazine full of submissions that are just waiting for your attention CURSOR is a collective of people interested in new ways to think of the future and technology, inviting critical perspectives and utopic visions. We are excited to celebrate our newest issue, CURSOR05: Attention! with you - the theme of this issue is all about attention. Where does it go? Who is competing for it? And what do we actually want to pay attention to?

We promise a night of good vibes, DJs, magazines, and art. Put on your most attention-seeking behaviour and come down to Råhuset in Kødbyen for a CURSOR-style release party

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Dates & time: Thursday 11 april, 19-23
Address:  Råhuset, Kødbyen, Copenhagen
RSVP: No RSVP needed - come as you are

Lab: Augmenting Reality & Attention


Ungdommens Demokratihus

For our current theme "Attention!" we are turning a look towards attention-grabbing technologies: From filters that subtly change your appearance on social media to billboards that utilise your phone to showcase a product - chances are that your attention has already been redirected by Augmented Reality (AR).

Join us at Ungdommens Demokratihus for a cozy Sunday half-day where we will present augmented reality together with Kate Zaprazna as a technology and give you some specific tools to get started creating your own AR filters - where do you want to direct attention? You do not need any prior knowlede of AR or any computer-skills to attend this workshop.

Dates & time: Sunday 25 February, 11:30-14
Address:  Ungdommens Demokratihus, Slagtehusgade 10a, Copenhagen
RSVP: Registration required

This workshop was sponsored by Vesterbros Lokaludvalg.

Creative Coding Camp: Off the Grid


Blackland Farm

On Friday 26 May 2023 we made our way to the Blackland Girlguiding Farm in West Sussex, UK to go Off the Grid for our first CURSOR camp. Over the next 48 hours, the lodge in south England was filled by a group of people brought together by an interest in working creatively with digital questions. Participants joined one of three strands within our overarching theme of Off the Grid: Digital privacy, Technology and nature, and Digital minimalism.

Read the full logbook here.

Dates & time: Friday 26 - Sunday 28 May 2023
Address:  Girlguiding Blackland Farm, West Sussex, UK
RSVP: Registration closed

This event was funded by National Lottery UK. 

Book Club: Thread Ripper


Møllegades Boghandel

Join us for our first book club evening.For our first book club, we are reading Thread Ripper by Danish author and artist Amalie Smith. A beautiful book weaving connections across time between looms, Ada, computers, DNA, plant tissue, algorithms, text, and textile.

In theme with the book, this book club featured a demonstration of a knitting machine by Margo Hansen.

Dates & time: Thursday 23 March, 18-20
Address:  Møllegades Boghandel
RSVP: Registration required. 

Lab: Build-A-Bot

04 & 05.02.2023

Copenhagen & London

Bots on social media have long been associated with spam and scams. But bots can also be coded to create poetry, for activism, and much more. From bots spewing Donna Haraway quotes to calling out companies for gender pay gaps.

We will be workshopping together with Charlene and Martin from LAIKA who will share with us how AI and procedural generation can be used for creative writing and as the basis of a digital bot. Then we’ll break into groups and work on own projects.

Hosted at Det Lila Rum (Copenhagen) and the Feminist Library (London)

Dates & time
: Saturday 4 february 2023 (Copenhagen) and Sunday 5 february (London) 14-17

Salon: Gender, Sex, and Technology



A panel discussion on subverting norms and navigating gender and sex in online spacesFrom artists and hacktivists to meme lords and digital sex workers. All the time, people are findings ways to expose and push back on norms around gendered and bodily expressions built into digital platforms. In this panel, we invite our guests to share with us their practices using technologies such as AI, memes, digital platforms, and more to navigate and subvert how bodies are coded and policed in online spaces.

*˚⁺ Ada Ada Ada, intersectional eco-feminist hybrid artist・
*˚⁺ Gitte Von G, adult content creator, data analyst, and certified sexologist・
*˚⁺ Rasmus Hald Møller, equality debater and instagrammer・
*˚⁺ Cherry Velour, educator, porn performer, dominatrix, BDSM Queen at Bedside Productions.

This was also the launch event for ISSUE 03: Turned On!

Dates & time: Wednesday 2 November, 19-21
Address: Xenon,  Huset KBH, Copenhagen
RSVP: No RSVP needed - come as you are

Open House



Grab your friend and come by Heimdalsgade 22 to hang with us and other Cursed folks. We'll provide drinks and create a space to get inspired and share ideas with one another. And you can hear about upcoming CURSOR issues, events and how to get involved. More info to come - stay tuned.

Thank you for everyone who showed up! The event looked something like this: 


Dates & time: thursday 15 september
Address:  Heimdalsgade22, Copenhagen
RSVP: No RSVP needed - come as you are

Welcome to CURSOR


Ark Books

Welcome to CURSOR! Interested in talking about the internet as a space for queer utopia? The environmental impact of NFTs? Fembots as sex symbols? Incel culture? Come to our first issue launch at Ark on April 8th at 18:00! The event will be held in English and will involve readings, drinks, and a curated selection of books available for purchase from Ark's own selection.

Dates & time: Friday 8 April, 18-21
Address:  Ark Books, Møllegade 10, Copenhagen
RSVP: No RSVP needed - come as you are