by Claudia Bridgens

    Stack Overflow is an online forum dedicated to programming questions. The site has over 20 million registered users, an active community and is an integral source of information for developers. Over time the website has formed its own vernacular, in which common words have been given new definitions.

    Claudia creates short poems by combining original comments found on the site highlighting the  dissonance between these terms of art and their layman definitions. The work ironically explores productivity in the technology community. Each line is borrowed in its entirety. All content is the user's own. Claudia works in London as an analyst and writer. @slack__overflow.
    Restful API
    So, what is REST?
    This breaking of the link between syntax and behaviour
    How I explained REST to my wife;
    Busy or non-busy waiting
    I feel it’s pointless to try to explain REST
    It’s undefined

    FunWhat is the difference between sleep and wait?

    Everything is an object Yes, objects
    Just like any object, it is an instance of “something”
    Everything is an object
    Spaces are meaningful (sometimes)

    InheritanceWith all the undeniable benefits provided by inheritance, here’s some of it’s disadvantages
    Inheritance exposes protected members
    Dependency between the child and its parent is introduced
    In one sentence inheritance is public
    Diamond inheritance issues

    ImportantDo something appropriate here
    Else: # Do nothing

    !Funny syntax
    The language won’t stop you
    Writing English properly is stupid
    Stop being surprised by this!