Pseudo Presence: 
Who is eating our attention?

Bianca Blades

PSEUDO was recorded on Sonnenallee aka Sun Avenue, Berlin and fueled by love, sweat, rage, wage labor, and friendship. 

See you on the other side. 

Voices: Deborah Calderon, Hoda Zekavat, Fin Simmons, Sebastian Lobos , Bianca Blades  

Photography: Natalia Ruiz Galindo

Original music: Cory Blair

The sun melts into the horizon like a burnt-out wick, never to return.

The soul of the sky is missing.

No one went searching for it.

The streets are bright and hellish now: artificial light.

Everything shines against its will.

Humans go on, gathering time.

A window appears, where there was none before.

What’s the true cost of our entanglements? This question is at the heart of PSEUDO, an evolving speculative fiction project that explores who or what is eating our attention.

First, enter a city of 8 million citizens and twice as many avatars.

Meet our narrator, a software engineer by day, who’s determined to reclaim what was lost to a faceless scammer. 

But this pursuit goes far beyond a solitary scam. The characters of PSEUDO must rely on each other to intuit their way through a web that spins in every direction. 

Questions to consider:

    Do you have a search in progress?  

                       Yes: describe it in three words.

                                           No: describe your horizon.