Lab: Augmenting Reality & Attention


Ungdommens Demokratihus

For our current theme "Attention!" we are turning a look towards attention-grabbing technologies: From filters that subtly change your appearance on social media to billboards that utilise your phone to showcase a product - chances are that your attention has already been redirected by Augmented Reality (AR).

Join us at Ungdommens Demokratihus for a cozy Sunday half-day where we will present augmented reality together with Kate Zaprazna as a technology and give you some specific tools to get started creating your own AR filters - where do you want to direct attention? You do not need any prior knowlede of AR or any computer-skills to attend this workshop.

Dates & time: Sunday 25 February, 11:30-14
Address:  Ungdommens Demokratihus, Slagtehusgade 10a, Copenhagen
RSVP: Registration required

This workshop was sponsored by Vesterbros Lokaludvalg.