hygge?A nebulous Danish concept of feeling comfortable. Everything can be hygge. Sitting in a nice chair, under warm lighting with a cup of cocoa heating your palms or—hearing the screeches of your favorite band while chugging a beer.

So to feel the hygge—the space needs to accommodate you. IRL, in my room, I put up posters, light up candles, hang tools on the wall, set up fairy-lights, play ambient music... I accommodate the spaces I exist in to fit my definition of the concept. 
a digital spaceWe talk of digital space.
  • my computer is a room
  • my website is a garden
  • my code editor is my garage
  • the web is a series of roads that lead to these places.

However, unique to the digital space is the fact that modification, change, adaption, personalisation—it’s all arguably easier but definitely more non-destructive than it is IRL.

It’s easier to CTRL+Z the change of a wallpaper than to repaint a wall after you realize that yellow does not suit your room. But why then are we more likely to think of making physical spaces comfortable than our digital ones—when only one of these realms allows for ease of iterative customisation?

99 hacks towards a hyggelig computer

  1. change your wallpaper
  2. change your mom’s wallpaper
  3. set custom icons
  4. use emojis (‼️) in your folder names
  5. change your browser theme
  6. change your code editor theme
  7. change your code editors font
  8. find a font that has fancy → ligatures ← that make things ≠ pragmatic prettier
  9. make your cursor bigger
  10. make your cursor smaller
  11. make your cursor different
  12. make your cursor leave a trail
  13. make your notion page pretty
  14. make a navigation bar that appears on all of your notion pages
  15. learn keyboard shortcuts
  16. customise your keyboard shortcuts
  17. change CTRL+Z to CTRL+Y on QWERTZ keyboards
  18. liberate yourself from the keyboard shortcuts that only work on enUS keyboards
  19. use autohotkey to customise the shortcuts on programs that don’t allow you to customise your shortcuts
  20. install browser addons
  21. install an adblocker
  22. install userscripts
  23. use userscripts
  24. write userscripts
  25. inject css
  26. remove css
  27. make a startpage for your new tabs
  28. remove microsoft edge
  29. remove cortana
  30. download a virtual pet
  31. feed the virtual pet
  32. uninstall the virtual pet
  33. re-enable desktop gadgets
  34. put a clock on your desktop
  35. put a sticky note on your desktop
  36. put a small puzzle on your desktop
  37. remove your widgets
  38. remove all the icons
  39. download rainmeter
  40. add cooler widgets to your desktop
  41. browser deviant
  42. find cool themes for windows
  43. try to theme windows
  44. fail at theming windows
  45. download ux theme patcher
  46. theme your windows
  47. brick your windows
  48. switch to linux
  49. find a theme
  50. revert that theme
  51. use a tiling window manager
  52. find out about ricing
  53. spend hours making nice rice screenshots
  54. give up on ricing
  55. switch to mac
  56. remove siri
  57. disable gatekeeper
  58. disable “system integrity protection” (you should)
  59. inject code that apple doesn’t want you to inject
  60. make it so that all virtual desktops are already uncollapsed when you open desktop overview on your mac
  61. download macforge
  62. install plugins
  63. disable transparency in your windows
  64. disable animations
  65. enable animations
  66. change the position of your dock
  67. change your touchpads scrolling direction
  68. change the position of your taskbar
  69. set your date format to DD/MM/YY
  70. set your date format to DD-MM-YYYY
  71. never set your date format to MM/DD/YY
  72. make your calendar week start on a monday
  73. never make your calendar week start on a sunday
  74. use the terminal
  75. install powerline10k
  76. make the terminal transparent
  77. don’t use the terminal
  78. use GUI apps instead
  79. get a raspberry pi
  80. host a your own “cloud” on your raspberry pi
  81. put some stickers on your laptop
  82. put some stickers on your phone
  83. put a case on your phone
  84. download a better dialer for your phone
  85. download gcam for your phone
  86. download a custom launcher for your phone
  87. root your phone
  88. disable all ads
  89. switch to iphone
  90. use shortcuts to use custom icons on your fucking iphone
  91. regret switching to iphone
  92. jailbreak your iphone
  93. change your icons without shortcuts
  94. hold the power button
  95. turn off your phone
  96. turn off your computer
  97. go outside
  98. breathe
  99. be comfortable IRL