General Guidelines

We accept a broad range of writing so long as it relates to the overall goal of our Mission statement. In addition, each issue has an individual theme. Issue #2’s theme is “Visions for the Internet” and has a deadline on 20th april.

Submissions for our third issue, surrounding sex and technology are also open. Deadline will be mid-may.

Submit by sending a an email to Please include: your name and your general idea or a description of your piece. We accept finished pieces, rough drafts, pitches, and outlines. The more ready your idea is, the better!

Any files should be submitted as a docx or google docs.

Long-Form Pieces

We recommend about 1000-1500 words. 

1.1 Feature

We’re looking for a strong theoretical grasp of concept—it’s not an academic essay, but a level of analysis and a strong thesis are expected. Features can be deep dives into concepts, theories, art, society, and technology. We encourage incorporating referencing other concepts or theories and incorporating quotes in features.

1.2 Personal Essay

Similar to a feature, but with a stronger personal angle. This can be less analytical and more based on personal experiences, preferably with a strong opinion at its center.

1.3 Interview

Focus on a single individual or group, structured as a Q&A.

Creative Breaks

2.1 DIY

This is a catch-all category for content ranging from creative coding, hardware projects, or interesting data science projects. Due to the nature, word counts may shift - but keep it short. 

2.2 Recommendations

Recommendations can be listicle style of your top 5 books about data feminism, or a blurb pitching your favourite current art installation. We recommend approx. 500 words. 

Art as part of your piece

For technical specifications and style, please refer to the Submission Guidelines - Art

There are two situations where you might want to submit art as part of your piece:
  1. As part of your article
  2. As part of a ‘Creative Break’ - eg. a DIY presented like a collage

1. As part of your article

Please follow the general art guidelines. Please make it clear that the art is meant as part of your article.

2. As part of a ‘Creative Break’

We strongly encourage mixed media approaches. The general art guidelines in regards to files still apply.

Ownership and Publication

As a writer contributing to CURSOR, you maintain ownership rights to all original content you produce, also after submission. After submitting the final version of the article, you agree to let us publish and re-publish the article on the website and/or in print.

If the article you are submitting has previously been published elsewhere, please let us know and link to the previous publications.