General Guidelines (ART)

We accept a broad range of content so long as it relates to the overall goal of our mission statement and is consistent with our visual aesthetic. Please familiarize yourself with both before submitting. In addition, each issue has an individual theme, published on our about page.

We accept art as standalone pieces or as a part of a written submission.

Standalone Art

We take rolling submissions for art, meaning that art may also be published ‘at random’. If an art piece is related to a current theme, please include this in your subject line:

Subject line: Art - ‘Visions for the Internet’ - Jane Doe

Also indicate whether we may use this together with an article, if we see this fitting, or if you would like to submit as a stand-alone piece. If you would like your insta or twitter handle to be included, please include this.

Art as part of written submission

Art related to a piece of writing may be creative pieces that belong together, or art pieces that constitute an ‘article’. Read more on Submission Guidelines - Writing. This also counts if you are two people (eg. an artist and a writer) working together.


For inspiration, check out our Pinterest board.


→ matrix-core

→ glitch

→ imperfections

→ minimalism

→ retro-futurism

→ neon

→ retro sci-fi


→ collage

→ pixel game

Technical specifications

File types: JPEG, PNG, MP4, MOV
Dimensions: 580 x 550 (images)

If you have alternative formats, feel free to email us and we can talk about making it work.

Multiple files should be submitted as a zip or over WeTransfer. 

Ownership and Publication

All content submitted to CURSOR belongs to the creator. By submitting your art piece, you agree that we may publish it on our website. We may also republish content on our social media accounts. If you at any time would like us not to re-publish your art, send us an email referring to the piece.

Any art published on our website will have the artist credited, and art posted on social media will tag the artist when possible.

If the art you are submitting has previously been published elsewhere, please let us know and link to the previous publications.